Frequently asked questions

Once a job is ordered we will come out to confirm measurements (a site measure) if required. We will give you a written estimate price from your sketch plans, preliminary or working drawings so that the job can be ordered.
One of our Customer Development Officers or one of our staff can collect your plans if required.
Not necessarily. We have a number of estimators. The work load is shared between them. For our regular builders, an estimator has been allocated to do their quotes. This provides continuity in knowing individual builders likes and dislikes. Your quote will have the estimators name on it should you have any queries after you receive your quote.
There is no standard pitch. We can make trusses from a 1 degree pitch provided it has a stub height, right through (depending on stub height and conditions) to 47 degree (we are restricted by height). We can do A type, B type, King, Queen, bow trusses. etc, use your imagination and we will see what we can do.
Yes. Nearly every job is different. Whether you need 2 or 3 wall frames, 5 or 6 trusses or a house lot we can help you.
Yes. We make jobs of all sizes. We have done many commercial jobs. As commercial jobs take longer to prepare in both quoting and production please contact us for further details.
Not really as every job we do is different. Variations such as wall heights, roof pitches, truss spacing and whether the roof material is metal or tile can make a large difference in the price. If you provide us with this information on sketch plans, preliminary or working drawings we can provide you with an estimated cost.
We do aim for a one week turn around however this can change depending on how many quotes we have to do at any one given time. Also depending on what each quote requires will depend on how quickly we can get quotes out. For example a truss quote for a single house will take less time to quote compared to a quote for four units (all slightly different) requiring a quote for bearers, joists, walls, trusses, flooring, Longreach floor trusses, fascia, battens, verandah and foilboard (this one quote is now 10 separate quotes - if you have 4 units its 40 separate quotes). Many builders and owner builders are finding it saves them time and money to buy as many products as possible from the one supplier hence quotes can take longer in peak periods. We can give you an indication as to when we believe your quote will be ready when you submit your plans.
No. We can email or mail your quote to you. Your quote can also be faxed if requested. If you want to pick your quote up we will call you when it is ready to collect.
No. Posi-strut is a brand name. We make Longreach Floor trusses. Posi-struts have metal webs where Longreach have timber webs. The advantage of Longreach is that it can be designed to have ducting, plumbing, etc run through it saving time on site.
Longreach is timber webbed floor trusses. It can be designed for ducting / plumbing etc. The advantage of Longreach is that it is stiffer than any other engineered floor truss on the market. The diagonal timber webs cover the full width of the top and bottom cords whereas other products such as metal webbed floor joists are supported mainly by the outside of the top and bottom cords by metal flanges. Longreach can be designed from depths of 250 mm - 450mm. We have done heights of 750mm, 900mm and 1500mm high in the past.
We can provide you with Roof Truss computations for Council (if required) for $55 cash (GST inclusive). The cost of the computations will be deducted from the quoted price of the trusses when they are ordered.
MB Pre-Fab uses an engineered software program created by Pryda to design roof trusses and wall frames. A Form 11 is a Design Certificate of Compliance and is completed by an engineer. Should a Form 11 be required this must be completed by an engineer at Pryda after a thorough examination of the plans and the design that was done by M.B.'s designer using the Pryda software. As this is an additional service there is a fee involved. A Form 12 is an Inspection Certificate of Compliance. Should a Form 12 be required it is also completed by an engineer at Pryda. To complete this certificate the engineer will need to visit the site to make an inspection. As this is an additional service there is a fee involved. Form 11 and Form 12's are generally only required for commercial jobs. Previously in the Building regulations 1994, a Form 13 has changed in the Building (Interim) Regulations 2005 to a Form 11, while the Form 14 has changed to a Form 12.
We will provide you with an anticipated delivery date at the time of placing your order. Depending on the number of jobs we have in the system at any given time will depend on how long the wait is for your job to be made. Final measurements are required (measurements are confirmed by the client / builder or MB does a site measure) at least one week prior to delivery.
If you are unsure if your slab measurements are correct or if we need to match walls and/or trusses in an existing building we will provide a site measure at no extra charge. This is done after the job is ordered and approximately one week prior to delivery.
Depending upon the type of job and what has been ordered will depend on when we do the site measure. New homes will be measured when the slab is down or if the house is on stumps, when the bearers and joists are down. Extensions are measured at a similar stage. We need the demolition work on the existing building to be completed and the existing building exposed to enable accurate wall height and roof truss pitch dimensions. Access to a manhole may be required.
Yes. We quote 'delivered to site' unless requested otherwise. Occasionally our customers choose to collect small jobs in their ute or trailer.
Depending on the size of the job the delivery will be made by an MB Pre-Fab ute or by an MMR Transport crane truck. Both the trucks have a crane and a semi trailer.
Each wall, truss or Longreach has a number on it when it leaves the factory. These numbers correspond to the number indicated on the layout sheet that is sent out with the delivery. Wall frames also have an arrow next to the lettering indicating the way the wall is to run. The layout sheet is laminated for ease of use on site.
No. Our quotes are priced for delivery to site only or delivered with another section of the job, for example, lower walls delivered with Longreach floor trusses.
M.B. Pre-Fab's Workcover Insurance policy number is 1400861, MMR Transport's Workcover Insurance policy number is 11107714. M.B. Pre-Fab holds policy number 2703810ZBI for general liability ($10,000,000) and product liability ($10,000,000) through Zurich Australian Insurance Limited. All our staff are OH&S trained. All electrically powered plant is tested and tagged in accordance with Australian Standards. Staff that are required to attend your site will conduct a site inspection prior to commencing work and have all been issued with their red card.