Product Lines Available

  • Pre-Fabricated Wall Frames
  • Longreach Floor Trusses.
  • Roof Trusses.
  • H2F Termite Treated Timber.
  • Foilboard Insulation.
  • LVL.
  • OS'Brace.
  • 19 mm General Purpose Flooring
  • KD F17 Structural Hardwood.
  • Pre-primed Treated Pine Square Posts.
  • Pre-primed Treated Pine Fascia.
  • I Joist.
  • Verandah Brackets.
  • 70 x 35 P12 Pine Roof Battens.
  • Cathedral Ceilings

    Do you ever have "cathedral ceiling" areas that have rafters, ridge beams, hip rafters along with the jack and creeper rafters? If so how long does it take your chippies to sort the pieces, measure each one and dock them to length, then for a "birds mouth or scarf cut", measure make and cut each one. Then there is the time spent on "mitring" of the jacks and creeper rafters? How would you like the rafters to turn up on site, docked to length, birds mouthed or scarf cut, mitred and numbered to coincide with the layout plan?
    Our Hundegger saw has the ability to do all this. We can do this for you and supply the rafters at a very competitive price. If you are interested, give us a call. We will do a free no obligation quotation for you.

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